The climate of the college fosters the students towards innovations, creativity and intellectuality. The facility provided assists any student to make one's way in technology world. In order to uphill the entire prolific minds, it is necessary that a unique culture must be formed where all of them can share their thoughts and strive together to attain the hankered goals. The college provides them just the perfect environment that is needed to accomplish this purpose.The college also has four syndicate rooms for small group experiential and interactive learning and councelling.
The college has an exquisitely designed 26 classrooms with well-furnished desks and comfortable chairs. The facilities like multimedia projector system & Overhead Projector equips the classrooms for a high-tech faculty-student interactions.

Computer Lab

In the world of dynamic technology no-one remains untouched by the dominance of machines. It is the endeavor of college to provide full-time computer facility to the students so that they can cope with the vibrant trends in IT industry.
The college provides two computer lab with total 250 computers. All the labs are equipped with their own server which are again connected through the main server, located in the special server room. The computers are abundant and have most modern configuration including the latest Pentium - IV and Core 2 dual, all these computers are network based on Windows NT server, Linux server and Windows 2000 server.
The college also have facility of a hardware-lab for providing the knowledge of computer hardware to the students. The internet facility is also duly installed in a separate e-com lab.

Meeting Room

Without proper place for meeting to take decisions related to college as well as of campus interview no such tasks can be easily performed. The college has a meeting room for such reason. It is well equipped with audio system, computer system with multimedia projector.


Library is said to be "Knowledge Hub" of any academic college. Adapting this in its true spirit, the college offers to its student one of the richest central library facilities with fully computerized, easy access system occupying around 500 sq. mt. of space. There are more than 3000 books and titles from well-known national and foreign publications covering a wide range of issues in the area of computer and management studies.
Currently the college subscribes to 25 national and 8 international journals, magazines as well as periodicals in the area of computer and management studies including general interest areas.
Apart from a big common library-hall serving as the reading room, the library also houses 10 cubicles for special studies; these cubicles are provided with desk and lamp for study of reference books and proceedings required for project work and home assignments focus on procurement of non-print learning resources including several self-learning packages has been there to inculcate "learning to learn"capability.
Library Hours : 10 am to 5 pm.


Emphasizing that professional programmes like BCA requires a full-time presence of the students in the campus, the college provides excellent hostel and recreation facilities separately for male and female students. The rooms are well furnished with proper ventilation arrangement attached toilet and bathing facility as well as a washbasin. These rooms also provides to each of the occupant a separate bed, a study table, a chair and a cupboard for the comfortable and homely staying. The hostel provides 24 hours running cold and hot water and has a recreation room fitted with a television set and indoor as well as outdoor sports facilities.
The hostel kitchen provides excellent and hygienic catering facilities at very affordable rate. Moreover, the hostel In-charge plays active role in maintaining good discipline and in overall development of the students personality by organizing various activities promoting fraternity and group learning amongst the students.

(For Boys) (For Girls)
Description 1st Term 2nd Term 1st Term 2nd Term
Admission Fee 150 100
Deposite (Refundable) 1000 500
Term fees (I & II term) 6000 3000 3000
Maintanance Charges 6900 3200 3550
Food Bill Advance 12000 12000 3500 3450
Sports Fee
Computer (if required)
Total 26050 12000 10300 10000
* The actual food bill will have to be paid at the end of every month. The fees are subject to the change from time to time.